Life and work in the New Jersey landscape

I am a freelance photographer, artist, writer, and environmentalist. I have a BA degree in English Literature from Rutgers University, 1965, and I worked for many years as the principal photographer for the Princeton University Art Museum, the Woodrow Wilson School, and various other departments of the University. I have lived in Somerset County, New Jersey, all of my life, and as a photographer, much of my artistic work has depicted the landscape of the Piedmont region of the state. My book, The Vanishing New Jersey Landscape, was published by Rutgers University Press in 1994, with the support of a generous grant from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. Many of the landscape photographs shown here are selections from that book.

My recent photography is abstract in nature, focusing on minute details of landscape and isolating forms and patterns of movement that imitate the greater patterns of earth’s surface observed by satellite and space telescope imagery.  When exhibiting these new works I display comparative images by juxtaposing photographs from NASA files with my own close focus views of ice in small streams and details of wood grain and patterns of bark on trees.  My quest for the abstract in the real explores the spiritual effects of water and wood.

In the past, my photography was traditionally based, employing large format cameras to create silver gelatin prints.  Now I work with a blend of scanned large format negatives and digitally generated images, printed on high resolution inkjet printers.

My artistic work has closely paralleled my conservation efforts. I have been chairman of the Montgomery Township Open Space Committee since it was formed in 1989.  During these years I have helped Montgomery craft an extensive open space and pathways master plan through which I have been able to facilitate the process of purchasing land for conservation and help the Township access grants and promote partnerships with other land conservation groups and agencies.  I serve as a trustee of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, an advisor to the Montgomery Friends of Open Space, and was the first recipient of the Donald B. Jones Award given by the D & R Greenway.  Recently, I assisted the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in the publication of the Garden State Greenways Report, and I was featured on the NJN documentary, Turning the Tide. In 2009 I was recipient of the Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award: Environmental Stewardship Category. In addition, I work regularly on landscape restoration projects, some in partnership with the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association.

As a member of the Princeton Artists Alliance, I enjoy helping organize and present the regular schedule of major exhibits this group initiates. Among our many theme exhibits are notably: The Odyssey, 1999, Bristol Myers Squibb Gallery, Newark Museum, College of New Jersey, Foundation for Hellenic Culture, NYC, Franklin Marshall College, Noyes Museum; Vision and Voices, 2005, New Jersey State Museum; The Pine Barrens Rediscovered, 2010, (in collaboration with New Jersey Conservation Foundation) Noyes Museum; America Through Artists Eyes, 2014-2015, New Jersey State Museum.

I have exhibited my work annually at many venues throughout the state since 1972.  A list is available on request.

About Me

I have lived in New Jersey’s Somerset County all my life. The sights, sounds, and smells of this countryside have left a lasting imprint on my mind and senses, and I spend as much time as possible out on the land.